Water-fed Pole Cleaning

  • Industry leading cleaning equipment
  • Safe work environment without ladders
  • Efficiency in cleaning means our customers enjoy more of their day

“Traditional” Mop & Squeegee

  • Used for most interior or low-access work for hands-on cleaning
  • Best solution for Construction Cleanup, paint spray removal, concrete and mortar removal

Specialized Interior Cleaning Pads

  • For well maintained or frequently cleaned windows
  • Non-intrusive, safe for use around electronics and products.
  • Versatile in application & use

Exterior window cleaning offered at add-on pricing with House Washing!

Exterior Window Cleaning

Most of our exterior window cleaning is done using Water-fed Pole equipment. This process involves the use of carbon-fiber extension poles, specialized swiveling brushes, and on-demand ultra-pure water filtration. The windows are scrubbed and rinsed with ultra-pure water (000ppm) and left to dry. Since there are no minerals or contaminants in the water used, the windows dry spot free. This setup allows us to safely clean at great heights and awkward locations that would otherwise be unsafe with ladder placement and use.

In some situations, ladders are required to access and clean certain windows, such as those on homes with large overhangs and eaves, or rooftop skylights – and we’re prepared for that! Ladders are also needed inside homes with generous loft space, skylights, or unique architecture. Special care is always taken when ladders are required indoors, or on decks, such as using non-slip flooring protection, and foam padded stand-offs. Using the proper equipment, with consideration of safety and property, is a standard we uphold.

Our Commercial customers may notice the use of our interior cleaning pads. This equipment is great for use on frequently cleaned windows, high-access interior windows, around products or electronics, or cleaning windows otherwise inaccessible with a mop & squeegee. By using this setup when appropriate, we eliminate the use of ladders, making a safer work environment for us, your employees, and customers.

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