Low-pressure House Washing

  • Long-lasting, professional results
  • Low pressure process minimizes risk of high-pressure damage
  • Vinyl, Aluminum, and Steel siding
  • Exterior Window Cleaning available at add-on pricing

Low-pressure Power Washing

  • Driveways, Sidewalks, Decks, and Fences
  • Stucco, Stone, Brick, and Concrete
  • Animal stall sanitation & cleaning
  • Contact us for special cleaning needs!

Low-pressure Roof Cleaning

  • Weather dependent
  • Application only
  • No damage to roof or landscaping

Commercial Exterior Power Washing

  • Scheduled outside of business hours
  • Low-pressure cleaning solutions
  • Exterior Window Cleaning available at time of service

House Washing

What’s the process?

The industry standard for a house wash is known as a “soft wash” process, which applies a weak chemical pre-treat to loosen & remove the organic growth on your siding, which can then be rinsed clean using light pressure only. With proper equipment and workflow process, landscaping & wildlife is left unharmed, and your home is left with a thorough cleaning – more than what pressure alone can achieve.

Why not just pressure?

Using pressure alone is equivalent to ‘cleaning’ your dishes or laundry with only water, and not everything, especially vinyl siding, can withstand water blasts of 3,000psi or more – this includes concrete and brick! A pre-treat will also access and dwell into more corners and areas of the exterior, where pressure alone is directional and is limited to what that directional pressure can visually access, the angle at which it can be applied, and can only be applied to the upper surface (i.e. concrete, stone, brick).

Exterior window cleaning offered at add-on pricing with House Washing!

Low-pressure Power Washing

For many of the same reasons, all power washing is best done with a pre-treat of the surface to be cleaned. Because concrete, brick, and stone is porous, grease, oil, and GM bacteria (gloeocapsa magma) doesn’t dwell just on the surface. Pressure alone won’t get these surfaces clean, and require a pre-treat for a safe and thorough cleaning of the surface. Concrete and brick ages, becoming brittle over time, and many homes and buildings in northeast Indiana are still standing as aged structures – it’s part of the charm! Pressure-only cleaning of these porous surfaces will cause physical damage, scarring, etching, or even removing the upper layer of the surface, achieving only a temporary removal of growth and debris.

Commercial areas such as grease traps, dumpster pads, sidewalks, pump stalls, and drive-thru areas require strong degreasers to remove daily build-up of oil & grease, often alongside the use of heated water; without pre-treatment of detergents on these areas, the surface simply is not cleaned.

In some situations, pressure-only cleaning is available and required for cleaning areas above or immediately near: bodies of water, or in wildlife refuges or habitats. These situations typically apply to docks, walkways and boardwalks in wildlife areas, and require the use of heat alongside skilled use of pressure for a general cleaning.

Roof Cleaning

When left alone long enough to develop moss & lichen, the lifetime of the shingles is greatly reduced and will need replacement much earlier than a clean and well maintained roof. A clean roof is also a consideration and requirement of many home insurance policies.

The high pressures caused by pressure washers cannot be used to safely clean shingle roofs. Cleaning a roof with high pressure will erode the granules, and due to the damage caused – void manufacture warranty.

Our low-pressure application method often only requires a single visit. In some cases, such as heavy moss growth, 2 visits are needed to assist the physical removal of the buildup. Due to the workflow process, gutters are cleaned if needed. You can be assured great care is taken not to damage any landscaping, trees, or wildlife during the cleaning process.

Not all roofs need strong solutions for cleaning. Other roofing material, such as vinyl or corrugated steel, can be cleaned with the same mixtures used for house washing and are priced accordingly. Our goal is to give our customers cost-effective quality results!

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