Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my roof black with streaks?

Gloeocapsa magma, it’s a type of bacteria that grows on your roof feeding off the limestone used in the shingles. It appears black as the bacteria delops their UV protective coating. This bacteria also grows on concrete, limestone, and any other porous surface.

What pressures do you use on the house?

Nothing higher than 1500 PSI. House washing is done with the use of surfactants and chemicals, used at specific strengths and ratio’s, to do the actual cleaning. After a short dwell time, the solution is then rinsed clean with light pressure high-volume pumps; this process is known as a “Soft Wash”. Since this process doesn’t use high-pressures to clean, there’s no threat of physical damage from water pressure.

Will your house wash process hurt my plants or landscaping?

NO, not when done properly. House Washing is done using very weak mixtures, strong enough to only work on shallow growth (algae and lichen) growing on the siding. When using appropriate strengths, and adhering to proper workflow precautions, landscaping is left unharmed.

For instances involving unavoidable coverage of landscaping, a neutralizing step is used to ensure landscaping remains unaffected by the cleaning process.

What's the main ingredient in your cleaning mixtures?

The active ingredient used for most of our cleaning work is Sodium Hypochlorite. Other specific use options are: Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Percarbonate, Citric Acid, Oxalic Acid, and Hydrochloric Acid. We use these chemicals at very specific ratios and quantities pre-determined by our equipment, overall setup, and the needs of the cleaning being done.

For cleaning jobs requiring strong mixtures (i.e. driveways, sidewalks, roofs), a neutralizing step is incorporated to ensure PH-neutral & inert runoff, leaving behind only organic matter and water. 

Will you remove birds nests?


I have a power washer, why do you need all that equipment to clean my home?

We don’t need our equipment to clean just your home, we need it to clean many homes, often multiple homes daily! Smaller equipment setups can be used to clean a single side, or even an entire home, but wouldn’t be well suited for daily commercial use, and especially on larger commercial buildings.

Why do you wear a mask?

Convenience & Safety. When washing a home, or other structures, we’re often in the mist of what we’re applying and rinsing. Inhaling aresolized particles of any substance, daily, for hours at a time, isn’t very safe. Full face respirators are also anti-fogging by design, which allow us to see better than wearing goggles or glasses; they’re a great convenience for cleaning canopies and covered porches!

How long do your results last?
It depends on your location and environment; we have customers going on their 3rd year of no noticeable regrowth! For house washing, you’ll typically have at least 2 years before another cleaning becomes a worthwhile expense – perhaps even longer! Concrete cleaning typically lasts around 2 years or more as well, unless you have a large oak tree above your driveway! Roof cleaning typically sees results of 5 years or more.
Do you have a USDOT number?

Yes, it’s 3144049-IN (intrastate). DOT compliance is an added (and required) standard of operational safety we’re proud of.

Are you Insured?

A good insurance plan is a requirement to operate as a legitimate business, and especially for doing commercial work. Proof of insurance is available upon request for our residential customers. Our commercial customers always receive a Certificate of Insurance, along with a W-9.

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