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Professional Window Cleaning & Power Washing services in Fort Wayne, IN and surrounding areas

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  • 3rd shift scheduling available
  • Up to 3 stories or more*
  • Custom estimates & cleanings

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  • Quarterly, Bi-Annual, Annual schedules
  • Multiple services offered
  • Communication valued and maintained
  • Shoe covers always

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Services Offered

Low-Pressure House Washing

Window Cleaning

Commercial Exterior Power Washing

Concrete Surface Cleaning

ABOUT Cox Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning done right

From window cleaning to power washing, Cox Cleaning Services delivers the professional results customers are looking for. Using industry leading cleaning equipment, methods, and solutions, our customers receive the best modern industries have to offer.

House Washing

Our house washing results last much longer than using water-only pressure methods, giving our customers a great return on their expenses; we have customers going on their 3rd year of clean siding! Depending on your environment, you can expect to wait at least 2 years between cleanings, often much longer before another cleaning becomes a worthwhile expense to maintain your home.

Window Cleaning

We specialize in high-reach water-fed pole cleaning, for a safer work environment and more efficient cleaning process. By maximizing our workflow efficiency, we maximize the time our customers enjoy the time in their day, and the results of our work.

Roof Cleaning

Our roof cleaning process uses a low-pressure application method. The cleaning solution is applied from the roof line, and left to dwell and work on the organic growth. With our equipment and workflow process, no landscaping or wildlife is harmed during the cleaning process.

Concrete Surface Cleaning

Driveways and sidewalks are best cleaned with a pre-treat solution, which can then be cleaned with specialized equipment used only for flat surfaces, leaving a beautiful evenly clean surface without streaks or other marks.

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